Ass Worship

My Ass is your World .WMV

I have the most divine ass you’ve ever seen.. you want nothing more than to be able to worship it, don’t you? you would give anything just to be able to be near My ass… you would endure anything. My ass has become your whole focus, your entire world, the only thing that motivates you. It makes that thing between your legs cause a wavering in your attention, but you know better. you know not to stroke it without the My permission. you content yourself in being close to My ass.. gazing at it, sniffing it, and if you are REALLY lucky maybe I will allow you to touch it! Caress it.. fill your field of vision with it, cover your face with it… bury you in it’s Divine softness. My ass is so glorious you couldn’t think of a better way to spend your days than in service to Me and My beautiful, plump ass.. your cock drips just from being near it! Will you cum just by touching Me and inhaling My Divine Essence?